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Ice breaker: End of an era for icebreaker PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 24 April 2014 10:15

Quark Expeditions has announced the retirement of the ice breaker 50 Years of Victory and her final North Pole voyages.

Quark Expeditions, leader in polar adventures, has announced that its ice-beaker 50 Years of Victory will retire as an expedition vessel after the 2015 Arctic season. This will be marked by Quark with three final voyages to the North Pole departing in June 2015.

‘It is with great reluctance that we announce the retirement of Victory as a passenger expedition vessel in 2015. Victory has become part of the Quark Expeditions’ family,’ said Hans Lagerweij, president of Quark.

Quark is the only North American operator to offer trips to the North Pole, using Victory, which can carry only 128 people during each of the final voyages. Quark has been offering expeditions aboard 50 Years of Victory since 2009, and has taken over 1150 passengers to 90 degrees North. The voyages will depart on 4, 19 and 30 June, and will be 14- or 15-day voyages.

May's mystery ship PDF Print E-mail

mystery shipJohn Burling sent the accompanying picture of three old ships laid up in the river Itchen at Southampton. It was taken a few years ago and all have now gone, but he has been unable to find out their names. At least one appears to be an old tug. But can any reader supply the names of any or all of the ships, and maybe also supply information about their careers. Where and when were they originally built, and by whom? What were they used for during their lives? And when exactly were they dismantled?




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