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LNG-fuelled tankers: LNG options taken up PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 09 September 2014 00:00

Demand for energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly tanker tonnage has persuaded Terntank Rederi to order two more LNG-fuelled ships. Terntank RederiTerntank Rederi A/S of Skagen, Denmark has exercised its options to add two more LNG-fuelled 15,000dwt tankers to the two it ordered from China’s AVIC Dingheng Shipbuilding Co, Ltd towards the end of last year (see SM, March). The four ships will now be delivered from the shipyard at three-month intervals, with the first due out in the spring of 2016 and the fourth by the beginning of 2017.  Two of the newbuilds will be long-term chartered by North European Oil Trade Oy of Finland, but the charterer for the second two has yet to be announced. Terntank said it elected to declare the two options because of the ‘growing demand for energy-efficient and environmentally friendly tanker tonnage’. JS

October's mystery ship PDF Print E-mail

mystery ship

This month’s mystery ship shows some kind of small cargo vessel berthed in port. The name on the ship is unreadable, unfortunately, making identification more difficult. So can any reader supply more information about this ship, or indeed the vessel on the left which is partly cropped in the photo? Where was the photo taken? And when? Did these ships have long careers, who were they operated by and when were they broken up?




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