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Heavylift: Unusual cargo for Rickmers PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 21 October 2014 00:00

The heavy-lift, break-bulk and project cargo vessel Rickmers Singapore loaded six large railway cranes in Hamburg in August for delivery to Xingang in China. The Super-Flex heavylift vessel can lift up to 640 tonnes. DunelmKirow is a market leader for railway cranes and a long-term supplier of Chinese Railways. Recently it had an order for six type KRC 2880 cranes to ship to Xingang. The cranes were transported to the Wallmann Terminal in the Port of Hamburg by barge and road transport, and were then loaded on board the 2002-built Super Flex heavylift vessel Rickmers Singapore, which can lift up to 640 tonnes and is one of nine identical vessels operating on the Rickmers Round-the-World Pearl String service.

A further 20 of the type KRC 1680 cranes are to follow in 2015. Rickmers-Linie, the Hamburg-based carrier, specialises in break-bulk, heavylift and project cargoes. The 30,018dwt, Marshall Islands-flagged Rickmers Singapore is expected to deliver her heavy load in Xingang in late October.

December's mystery ship PDF Print E-mail

mystery ship

This month’s mystery ship was supplied by Jim Shaw, who commented: ‘All I know is that the photo was taken in Kaohsiung, Taiwan and is rumoured to be that of a former Dutch passenger/cargo vessel. Unfortunately, there is not much left of her to go by.’ So can anyone help? Can any reader supply the name of the ship? Did she have a long career and who was she operated by? When was the photo taken?



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