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December's mystery ship

mystery shipCan anyone identify this small coastal vessel, which bears the name Anzac? Where was the photo taken? Who was she operated by, when and where was she originally built, and what was her fate?

October’s Mystery Ship Answer

mystery replyThe October Mystery Ship was the Swedish preserved steam tug Styrbjørn. She was originally a steam-powered tug built in 1910 for Swedish mine and railway company Trafikaktiebolaget Grängesberg. During the battle of Narvik in 1940 she was sunk by German forces, but was raised and repaired. For the rest of the war she served under German command. At the end of the war Styrbjørn was transferred back to her original owners.

In 1950 she underwent major alterations and was then used in Narvik until 1963. In  October 1963 she changed hands and was renamed Atlet. After a few years working in Sandnessjøen, she was laid up and was to be scrapped.

However, in 1979 she was taken on by Norsk Veteranskibsklub in Oslo, where the photograph was taken, and has been restored by its members on a voluntary basis with funding from Riksantikvaren. The historic tug has her original coal-fired boiler and steam engine.

Johnny Magne Holmen

Olsvik, Norway


September’s Mystery Ship Answer

mystery replyThe mystery ship is the Donaldson Lines Cordillera. The ship was built in 1920 by Short Bros, Sunderland for Donaldson South America Line. The ship was 6,865gt and measured 419ft by 54.8ft 35.7ft. Unusually, she was powered by three steam turbines. The ship remained with Donaldson Line  until May 1948, when she was sold to Hector Whaling for service as a storeship and was renamed Bransfield.  The location appears to be Hamburg.

Peter Cundall


November's mystery ship

Mystery Ship

Can anyone identify the ship pictured and where she was operating? Is she a conversion or was she built with the fittings illustrated? When was she originally built, who operated her and what became of her?

October's mystery ship

Mystery Ship

Can anyone identify the ship pictured and where she is moored? Is she an historic vessel preserved for visitors, and if so when was she originally built and who operated her?

August’s Mystery Ship Answer

mystery replyThe Mystery Ship is Flying Cloud, as originally named, which was built by the Orlando Naval Shipyard in Livorno, Italy. She was completed for the Duke of Westminster and launched in 1927. In 1932 the Duke sold her and she changed hands several more times and was renamed Fantome. She was laid up at the start of World War II and remained so until 1956, when she was purchased by Aristotle Onassis.

He had her towed to Kiel, Germany, where she stayed until 1969, when she came into the hands of Mike Burke of Windjammer Barefoot Cruises fame. He had her sailed to Miami, where she was refitted to join the Windjammer fleet in the West Indies.

Fantome mainly operated in the Bahamas, where I joined her in 1975 as second mate. I sailed on different ships of the fleet for the next three years, but Fantome sailed round the Caribbean.

July’s mystery ship Answer

mystery reply

mystery reply

The warships featured as July’s mystery ships were identified by a number of readers, but there wasn’t total agreement. John Legg  of Plymouth said: ‘The ship is NRP Goncalves Zarco (pennant no.F476). She was built by R. & W. Hawthorn Leslie, having been laid down on 9 October 1931 along with her sistership NRP Goncalo Velho (pennant no.A5200). Both were built for the Portuguese Navy. NRP Goncalves Zarco entered service on 28 November 1932  and was decommissioned in 1961. NRP Goncalo Velho entered service on 28 August 1932  and was decommissioned in 1964.’

September's mystery ship

Mystery Ship

Can anyone identify the classic cargo ship pictured here? The photo was sent in by Kenneth Conway, who said: ‘I came across this picture when sorting through my father’s affairs. He was an apprentice navigating officer at the time (1931-33), and the ship was carrying apples from Tasmania to Hamburg.’ But can anybody say which ship is pictured? By whom was she operated and when was she built? And where was the photo taken?

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